An important tool for FIFO

Did you know that Remedial Massage can be an important tool in a FIFO workers kit?

Massage can help with the adjustment from site to home, the change of bed, the change of hours especially if coming off a swing of nights, reduce those aches and pains from repetitive movement from multiple a 12 hour shifts, reduce stress, and most importantly assist in the ability to relax and enjoy time with your family.

FIFO can be tough, and you hear all the media stories about it, but it can also be a fantastic way of life for some families.

How do I know this?

We have been a FIFO family on and off for over 20 years, and even lived in a mining town for a few years, so we know the benefits of the lifestyle, how it can work for us and how to make the most of it.

I understand the lifestyle, what it is like to work long hours on a mine and the tole it can have on you physically and mentally.

I have FIFO clients that prefer to have a massage as soon as they arrive in Perth, especially when coming off night shift, they have a massage then head home to bed. They find it the perfect way to help get back into normal life quickly.

Others prefer to have one on the day they fly out, to get themselves ready for the stint ahead. While some prefer it a couple days into their break. Everyone is different, however all have the same thing in common they have come to understand the benefits of a regular massage.

Remedial Massage helps my FIFO clients in may ways and I would love to help you.If you are a FIFO worker then massage is the tool for you to keep doing what you are doing, to enjoy your downtime with less aches and pains, have better sleep, have the general ability to do more and improve your wellness.You work hard so you deserve it.To save time and book online go to:

Why can’t Men do it?

Why is that Women are better that looking after themselves than Men?

Is it because women are the nurturing ones and men are the tough ones? This may have been so 30 years ago, but today with all the talk on equality, wellness, mental health and not to mention the weight loss and fitness fads out there… Why are men on average dying 4 years earlier than women, and this has increased since the beginning of the 20th century when it was only 3.6 years?*

Why are Men not looking after themselves as much as Women do? Women are more likely to seek help, see their doctor and explore alternative remedies than Men.

Remedial Massage for everyone

It all sounds a bit crazy to me.

Saying this I do have a variety of male clients who are learning to listen to their bodies and find ways to look after themselves.

Sometimes their wives book them in because they can’t handle the complaining of the aches and pains anymore, and once they realise that Remedial Massage is not like the ‘fluff fluff’ relaxation massages they have had in the past, or the daily Bali massages they had on their last holiday, they soon start to feel the benefits and that they can live pain free and move again!

I have FIFO men, who come in for a Remedial Massage every break, to help them reset back into family life. The change of bed, routine, coming of a stint of night shift, and finally stopping after 8, 9 or 21 days of 12 hour shifts is tough on the body, mind and spirit. Massage can help to relax, release and invigorate the body and mind so they can be fully present with their families and get all they can out of their break before the fly out to do it all again.

I have the Men who are active with their sport, they may have had a injury in the past and want to improve their muscles so it doesn’t happen again, or they just want to be injury free so they can achieve their latest fitness goal.

I have the Men who work long hours, are successful in their careers and need a monthly remedial massage to help them relax, destress, and be pain free to be able to keep succeeding in their career.

And the most exciting for me is the Future Men; the boys and teenagers, who are learning how their body moves and how important it is to listen to it. They are gaining the understanding of the importance of preparing for a competition as well as rest and recovery. How they can push themselves to their sporting limits and know that remedial massage will help them to prevent injury so they can have longevity in the sport they love and achieve their next goal.

This week is Men’s Health Week and there is no better time to join the Men who take the time to listen to and look after their bodies.

Remedial Massage can help everyone; physically, mentally and spiritually. It can help you feel better, have less aches and pains, reduce stress, have a better understanding and connection to your body, as you only have one… so isn’t it best to find ways to look after it!

To book a Remedial Massage today click here.

Belinda Hampson, a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with her own business ‘Drift Remedial and Relaxation Massage’ in the Northern Beach Suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. A beach loving mum of two active boys, two fur babies and a loving husband who has Pilbara dirt in his veins from over 20 years of a FIFO mining career.


How often should you have a massage?

Clients often ask me “how often should I have a massage?”

As everyone is different, with different challenges, activities and lifestyles so it can be challenging to give a timeframe.


If you have a issue such as frozen shoulder, headaches, sciatica, sports injury, repetitive movement injury, or chronic pains, then a Remedial Massage Treatment Plan (a number of massage treatments within a given timeframe) is usually the best course of action to reduce the intensity, improve your posture and increase your range of motion.
Once this is done and you are in the best place possible, within your limitations, then a regular wellbeing and maintenance massage every 4 to 6 weeks is ideal. This helps to keep you moving, reduce your pains and lets not forget the other benefits of massage such as helping to reduce anxiety, stress reduction, improve sleep and improve general wellness.
Once you start having a regular massage, you become more intuned with your body and it will let you know when it is time for another one!
To help you have regular massages I have created a Massage Pack, where you purchase 4 massages and receive a 20% discount.
Massage Package
4 x 60 minutes Remedial or Relaxation Massage
$256 with a 20% saving of $64

– offer ends 30th April 2018 – 

And yes… you can claim back on your private health after you have received your treatment.For more info or to take advantage of this deal please contact me on 0417 176 122.

Belinda Hampson

Remedial Massage Therapist

Drift Remedial and Relaxation

Raising the Vibe!

Talk about raising the vibe… I do believe we successfully did that recently at “Raise Your Vibe – Meet Your Tribe” event, where at Art en Soul, we threw open our doors and created a memorable night for all.

Art en Soul Wellness Centre, located near Clarkson Station, has been carefully designed, decorated and harmonised, using Feng Shui remedies, to become a beautiful relaxing haven. A place for calm, healing and peace.  A place to escape the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

The evening opened with an introduction to the Art en Soul therapists, followed by a group meditation, facilitated by Sarah, our Reiki Master and designed to connect, centre and raise the vibe, and boy it did so, what a buzz was felt in the room.

From there the guests were able to explore the centre, chat with the therapists, get free advice, create a heart-felt message for the Message Tree, which was designed and created especially for the night by Larah from Art Therapy Connect who specialises in helping people connect and heal by expressing and using their hands in creative ways.

IMG_0737Our meeting room was full when Sarah from Neuro Body Balance held a discussion on hormones and hormone balancing and the effects everyday living has on them, including a demonstration showing how we balance hormones with kinesiology.  Beth our Naturopath from Naturally Thyroid who shared her wealth of knowledge on the effects of yo-yo dieting on our bodies and how to stop it once and for all with the proven and effective metabolic balance easy weight loss solution.

Sara, with her amazing Feng Shui knowledge and experience,  is the creator of our beautiful centre and its nurturing energy.  In keeping with her Healthy Home philosophy, on the night she introduced a new natural skin care range called Oxymax. An Australian made chemical free range of skincare products  with high quality, natural ingredients that promotes healthy skin and cell rejuvenation.  Oxymax is exclusive to Art en Soul in WA.

Venturing outside you came across Narda from Perth Soapworks and her luxurious display of handmade all vegan body soaps and shampoo bars.  Not only were you able to purchase her handmade soaps but you could sign up to experience one of her soap making courses.

Elaine from Balance for Life Pilates was on hand to talk to those who wanted to know more about practicing Pilates every Friday morning in Art en Soul’s tranquil courtyard, which makes you feel like you have left the suburbs behind and are on a retreat in Bali.

You could not go pass an organic wine tasting with Howard from Raw Wine Estate, his knowledge and passion for organic wine is infectious and to top it off they are delicious.

Back inside you were able to experience Emmett therapy, a unique form of non-invasive body work, with Riana from Valentino Sanctuary.

While our guests were experiencing all the centre has to offer, I was having a great time meeting guests and helping them to relax, release and reinvigorate their body and mind through a chair massage.

Prizes and giveaways were draw and the night was even more special as we had over 30 people attending the event, and managed to raise over $500 for the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre. A non-profit centre that has built a thriving community of children and parents in Western Australia, supporting them to face the challenges of type 1 diabetes with confidence, through unique educations programs, inspirational role models, support, connection, clinical care, action packed camps and events.  As a mum of a Type 1 Diabetes child, the wealth of support and knowledge the centre have given me and my family is invaluable.

​Definitely a night enjoyed by all, and we look forward to organising and holding our next one, we hope you can make it!

Massage Therapy for Children

Like adults, children of all ages can benefit both physically and mentally from massage.

As a mum or two busy boys and as a massage therapist I have  had experience in working with children to help them through the power of massage.

Will footy 2018Both of my boys have enjoy playing football (Aussie Rules) over this winter and both started to complain about heel pain, through palpation I noticed that both boys, who have had growth spurts (still struggling with the fact my 13, now 14 year old is taller than me!) had tight hip flexors, hamstrings and calves.  Through regular massage I have been able to release the tightness, reduce their pain and prevent injury.  I even sent Will to school the other day with Rock Tape on his legs for his inter-school athletics training to help reduce the tightness in those muscles.

footy finals 2017During last years footy season I had been privileged to be able to volunteer my massage services to a year 9’s footy team, with release and recovery massage after training and sports massage before their final game – which they won yay!

This year I have been able to assist my sons year 8 footy  team, through massage during training, and with both teams tight hip flexors, gultes and leg muscles was the common issue.  Through massage I was able to release these muscles and give the boys tips on how to self massage, self assess and the importance of prevention management.

Our kids can be doing sport and training every day of the week and just like professional athletes, they need time to rest and recover and through massage we can prevent injury, increase their longevity and help them to learn more about how to listen to their muscles.

Here are some of the benefits of massage your child may receive;

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Reduction in pain associated with growth spurts and associated injury prevention
  • Recovery from injury
  • Prevention of sports related injuries by reducing muscle tension and stiffness while increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce post sporting activity soreness and assist in preparing the body for the next event
  • A better understanding on how their muscles, bones and joints work during sporting activities, how to listen to their body to prevent injuries and the importance of rest and recovery, stretching and rolling are to have longevity as an athlete
  • Decrease in headaches, shoulder and neck strain from school work, study or ipad use

I offer offers 30 or 60 minutes relaxation, remedial or sports massage as well as kinesiology taping for children of all ages, and is a registered provider for Private Health Insurance so if you cover includes Remedial Massage you may be able to claim my services.

Remedial or Relaxation Massage for Children 16 years and under
30 minutes massage – $30
60 minutes massage – $50  (SPECIAL PRICE – normally $60)
For bookings and further information please call me, Belinda on 0417 176 122 or book online.