Foam Rolling Workshops – Saturday 6th November

Foam rolling is a fantastic way to self-massage, where you use your bodyweight to apply pressure to tight muscles and trigger points to release some of the tightness and pain.

Perfect for after exercise and between your regular remedial massage appointments. It is something anyone can do in their own home.

The amazing Sue Raubenheimer is a fully qualified Group Fitness, Pilates, and Black Roll Trainer, and she will take you through a foam rolling program designed to target all your major muscle groups for a full-body self-release massage. Teaching you new and easy ways to use your foam roller and trigger balls more effectively.

Never used a foam roller before? That’s fine this workshop will show you how to use one effectively and give you the techniques so you can do so at home.

Benefits of Foam Rolling:

  • alleviates soreness
  • reduces inflammation that occurs during the muscle repair process
  • aids in muscle repair recovery
  • helps injury prevention by maintaining muscle length and remedying tension and tightness
  • increases blood flow and elasticity of muscle tissue, joints, and fascia (the body’s connective tissue) which helps with mobility and overall well-being
  • Leaves you feeling more mobile, taller, flexible and free
  • promotes relaxation — roll away your worries!

As we will be rolling away on yoga mats, we need a bit of space and therefore we are limited to 8 people per workshop.

All foam rollers, trigger balls and spikey balls will be supplied.

What you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing, what you would wear to the gym or for exercise.
  • Water and hand towel
  • If you want to bring your own yoga mat please do, we will have some available for those who don’t have one
  • The willingness to move
  • And as always… a smile

Workshops will be held on:

Saturday 6th November 2021

2pm or 2:45pm

Art en Soul Wellness Centre

237 Ocen Keys Blvd, Clarkson

Spots are limited and you will need to purchase a ticket prior to the event. Tickets are $15 each.

Purchase your ticket here…..

For more information, please contact Belinda from Drift Remedial and Relaxation Massage on 0417176122 or via email